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OM Power is a vibration shifting collection long in the making. It is a creative bridge between my work as a yoga teacher and wellness bodyworker, my love of crystals/ stones, and my belief in mantra and deeper self work. My intention behind OM Power is to inspire awareness of not only the power of what we tell ourselves and how we interact with one another, but to show that we have the power (and responsibility) to shift our mindset, our actions, and our World.

Records of the syllable OM can be found in the Upanishads (early Vedic texts), and is used in Hinduism, Jainism & Buddhism (among others). It is all sounds coming together, a whole-listic vibrational experience. Chanting or singing mantra, saying or thinking affirmations or intentions can reset and redirect our thought patterns and therefore our behaviors. Though I am still very new at experiencing mantra and will always be a student first in my yoga practice, I do find myself transformed after singing a mantra or meditating with a word or phrase. This collection is a result of the effects I personally have felt using mantra.  


Each collection comes with an affirmation made especially for it and focuses on using specific stones (though others may be added if the creative muse so desires). A limited number of each of the released mala necklace designs can be reproduced and the bracelets are all one of a kind. Contact me at to have a set made for you or head to Etsy shop to see the available pieces. 

I hope you enjoy your practice of discovery and self care intended with these pieces. You are powerful AF, you are magical, you are enough, & you are wonderfully YOU.

Love (in the light & the darkness),

Jenn aka Drea James

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